(NC) Besides helping to save the planet, an energy-efficient home can help you save on your monthly hydro bills, making your living environment warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. To get started, check out these easy projects even first-time do-it-yourselfers can do:  

  1. Inspect your perimeter. Much of the money you spend on your home energy bills is wasted through leaky windows and drafty doors. So it’s a smart idea to regularly inspect your home for any issues, which usually have quick fixes. For example, you can caulk air leaks, weather-strip your windows, clear your gutters and clean your outside dryer vent and air conditioning unit.
  2. Insulate your basement. Subfloors are a necessity for saving on heating costs and protecting your basement from mould production and moisture damage. Choose a high-quality subfloor like DriCore, which has been designed specifically for concrete. The panels are designed with air gap technology to protect against mould and to keep basement floors feeling warm and comfortable throughout the year. And installation is easy – one room should only take half a day.
  3. Boost your greenery. Did you know that trees can reduce the air temperature surrounding your home? You can plant trees strategically to shade windows, rooftops and even your AC unit in the summer. Experts recommend deciduous trees that offer shade in the summer but shed their leaves to allow sunlight in during the winter. Another option is evergreens, which are better at reducing strong, chilly winds when they are planted away from the home at a distance that’s two to five times their height. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy more fresh air and a prettier landscape when looking out your window.

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